Notion as an organized workspace

🧪 This is an experiment.

I’m not sure how this will work out in the long run as I haven’t really fallen in love with Notion the way many people have, but I’m trying it anyway.

I need somewhere to be My Workspace™. Some place I open up every day and am presented with an organized system, just like sitting at my desk.

I want peripheral cues of my work, such as artifacts hanging around that trigger my thoughts: sticky notes, scribbled ideas, marked-up books, and all the goodness that a typical analog workspace has.

I want to immediately see Today’s Priority and Tasks, This Week’s Priority and Upcoming Tasks, and anything else to keep me on track.

The perfect tool isn’t out there for me despite having spent significant time refining my digital ecosystem. I have my go to, Things, which excels at what it does best—helping me organize and cross tasks off my list—but it isn’t really the right tool for a macro view of my work and life.

That’s what I’m looking for: the macro perspective.

Enter Notion, everybody’s darling modern workspace.

A knowledge worker’s toolkit needs to be well-rounded, and Notion is my current experiment to help me make sure all my work is in service of larger visions and objectives.

My hope is that by setting it up bit by bit, brick by brick, I’ll eventually find myself with a system I can rely on for both my short-term tasks and long-term efforts.

If Things is for getting shit done in the short-term, Notion is for organizing the long game. Both help build a body of work and build compound interest with your words and ideas.

I made this site to learn through discourse. Your thoughts here👇 or on Twitter are encouraged!

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